Sunday, March 4, 2012

Two Down, One to Go!

SPOILER ALERT:  I just finished Fifty Shades Darker and plan to start Fifty Shades Freed any second.

Holy mother of god on high.  WHAT a roller coaster.  I am having the most fantastic time with these books!  I have to throw out a HUGE APOLOGY to my cousin, Jenn D, for not listening to her when these suckers were fan fic and she was having fun with her online buds, including EL James, Herself.  My bad.  Absolutely.  I will never not listen again!!! :)

That said - where to begin?  Mrs. Robinson is a BEOTCH and showed her true colors at Christian's birthday party, did she NOT, y'all?!  WOW - I was SO HAPPY he got to see what a complete IDIOT she is.  TYPICAL MAN - he's been so swayed by her BULLSHIT all these years.  He truly thought she was his friend.  WTF?  And WHAT is with her encouraging him to go see Ana in Georgia?  That little morsel doesn't add up.  Except to say that maybe she thought Ana - and more importantly, Ana's MOM - would think he was a burrito short of a fiesta platter for flying 3,000 miles to see her when he barely knew her.  C'mon - it HAD to be some attempt at sabotage.  That woman is batshit C-R-A-Z-Y!

OK - next -

Dear Dr. Flynn,

Is there some reason you haven't put the kabash on Christian's sick, effed up relationship with Mary Kay LeTourneau yet?  She never came up at your meeting with Ana...and you've been more than happy to attend functions where she is a guest, such as the charity event and Christian's birthday.  Could you please 'splain to me how you think this is acceptable and not a hinderance to his recovery?  

What?  Need a century to explain yourself?  No worries; I've got time.  

Oh and also - I think you're therapy technique is for shit.  Even my 9 year old daughter knows you have to confront your demons so you can conquer them.  All you are doing is helping Christian to swipe his past under the rug.  And at some point, someone is going to pick that rug up to give it a good beating (whoops! giggle) and all that shit is just going to come pouring out.  

Might I inquire where you got your degree, Sir? 

(Non) Fondly, 
PS - How much is he paying you for a big, ol' pile of JACK SHIT?

OK y'all - I'm starting Freed.  Wish me luck.  We all knew Jack wasn't going away quietly.  I woke up this AM thinking about that helicopter and knowing there was no way it had problems without someone inflicting them, purposely.  Now I know.  I didn't think he had it in him.

My predictions have been less than stellar thus far as Christian didn't end up in jail and doesn't have multiple personality disorder.  My latest is that Jack is going to have him - or Ana - kidnapped.  Or maybe Elena.    Guess I'll just have to read and find out.  :)

PS - THAT HOUSE! OH my god I love it.  I don't blame Ana; I wouldn't want to knock it down, either.  How AWESOME was Christian for finding it on his own and presenting it to her like that?  Damn.  Did Ana just fall right on into the high life or what?!?


  1. Great questions, Carol! I think Mrs. Robinson might have MPD. She switches personalities faster than Christian. She makes him look pretty stable.

    Dr. Flynn!!!!! So true! He's such a nice man but he's working for the party circuit and the cash. He doesn't know what the fuck he's doing. I have wondered this so many times. Why hasn't he told Christian to shut down this toxic relationship?? It doesn't make sense. Ana has been far better therapy for him in about 5 weeks than Dr. Flynn has been in years and years. Now he's helping with Leila? Great idea! NOT!

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how Christian has worked so hard to be a better person for Ana. It warms my heart to see him be so sweet with her, but still so Fifty!

  2. know...I had a REALLY hard time with the Leila sitch. Seeing him stroking her hair in MY apartment - and knowing he gave her a bath (shudder) - would have thrown me right over the edge. BUT...what's funny is that I didn't react that way when I read it. I guess I kindof figured he feels partly responsible for her break (AND HE SHOULD; he has contributed to these women being MORE fucked - in the same way Elena continues to fuck him up.) So I was somewhat OK with him giving her the bath instead of just coldly shoving her into the car with Dr. Flynn.

  3. Yep, as Ana, I would have freaked out about Leila and the bath. Too much doubt about the past. But as an outsider (am I really? lol) I think it was the least he could do. He is partially responsible for her present mental state.

  4. Your letter to Dr. Flynn brings up another point that I've been meaning to talk about. How about Christian's mother (Grace) "respecting" his wishes to not be touched? I think that's totally fucked up. You adopt a 4 year-old little boy who has clearly been through a very traumatizing ordeal (not to mention all of the things that happened to him before his mom even died). He refuses to speak and he doesn't want to be touched. I think I would have tried to fix that ASAP before it made him REALLY fucked up (like it did!) I mean, Ana was able to approach and work with those barriers, so surely Grace could have also found a way when he was still young.

    Is anyone with me here?? I love Grace - I think she's a good mom, but this has always bugged me.

    Carry on....