Saturday, March 3, 2012


SPOILER ALERT:  I am on chapter 17 in Fifty Shades Darker.

Here are questions that have been going through my brain today.  Please don't answer any of them if I'm going to find out later!  (I have more issues with spoilers than Fifty does with his crack whore mom.)

Leila: How long was she with Fifty?  Was she one of the ones who lasted longer than 3 months?  And if she was his sub - and only there on weekends - why was she putting songs on his iPod?  I'd have been terrified to get in trouble

Mrs. Jones:  How many subs have been around since she started working 4 years ago?  Doesn't she think he's a freak?

Mrs. Jones:  Does she clean the Red Room of Pain?  I repeat: doesn't she think he's a freak?

Mrs. Jones:  Where the hell is Mr. Jones?

Fifty:  Does that dumbass think a stupid contract is going to forever keep quiet 15 women who obviously have a lot of issues that are pretty much guaranteed to predispose them to snapping at any time?  (shakes head)  Damn fool.

And for the love of god...MUST FIFTY yank Ana's hair every time he kisses her?  Touching...stroking...combing with fingers...all yummy and welcome.  But "fisting his hands in her hair" and pulling her head back?  That shit hurts worse than the spankings!  Get OFF my HAIR!! ;)


  1. I almost snotted on my computer again. CARI!!! Pass me the Clorox wipes!

    We are going to have a big chat about Mrs. Jones when you are finished. She was included in one of our favourite Fifty Questions of the Day. We will discuss soon. Hopefully by next Wednesday night. Tick Tock.

    I was JUST thinking about Leila and Fifty's iPod today. I was wondering when she put the songs on too!! lol. I wonder if she got a spanking for it.

    1. why did he keep the songs on there? why does he keep all that "old baggage" crap around? I just want to smack him up side the head sometimes!! Yep, need a 50's Anonymous group!

  2. "Get OFF my HAIR!" ROTFL!!!

  3. Hi I've never posted anything on a blog before. I just finished Freed (don't worry, I won't spoil anything)and want to talk to someone about the books (specifically Darker), but don't know anyone else who read them. I am not sure of the educate for blog posts, but since your latest entry says you have moved on to freed, I feel like I can discuss darker here?? Before I go on I will wait for a reply on how much can be discussed here. I hate it when someone spoils a book for me, especially a series like this one!

    1. I think you are safe to talk about Darker in any of the blogs about Freed. :)

  4. Carol, I get what you mean. And up until the last couple of chapters I was going to say his complaint about "Vanilla sex" seems pretty funny since he only wanted it 1 way as well. Maybe "Rocky Road Sex", hard, dark and more than a little nutty.

    I liked when Ana asked him how'd feel about Mrs. Robinson if it was his son... he wouldn't like... SNORT. I'd have killed her, that's I feel about it.