Friday, March 9, 2012

I'm Finished! What Now?!

SPOILER ALERT:  Don't read unless you have read the entire Fifty Shades trilogy!

Sigh.  I'm finished.  WOW.  I can't say ENOUGH about E.L. James and this absolutely beautiful trilogy.  Seriously - that's the best word for it.  The characters...the plot points...the flow...the structure...everything in this series is spot on fantastic.

I can't REMEMBER the last time I enjoyed a series this much.  I'm thinking probably The Bronze Horseman...but that was much more serious subject matter.  This series - while deep and thought-provoking - was also juicy and fun.

OK...who didn't know Christian would be an adorable dad?  I felt so bad for Ana that she would have to endure 9 whole months with his attitude.  Lorddddddddd that must have been the longest pregnancy on the planet.

I have to admit:  Christian's feelings and conclusions on Bitch Troll Mary Kay LeTourneau...Hmmm...I'm not really down with them.  He "found himself through his submission to her"?  He "found the strength to take charge of his life"?  :::BUZZER SOUND:::  I just don't see it.  Elena was a child molester; plain and true.  Christian could have found love as a teenager with a 16 year old girl...and could have finally started to accept himself years earlier - the way he did with Ana.

COMMA HOWEVER - that doesn't mean I have a problem with the way he was living his life before - or after - he met Ana.  "Consenting adults".  That's the key phrase here.

I'm intrigued about the psychology behind all this BDSM stuff...and have a zillion questions.  Are people able to shift from Dom to Sub after years of being one or the other?  Do they think about their daily life the way they think in the playroom?  Is it really that easy to leave the handcuffs and riding crops in the playroom and go attend soccer games and the fourth grade play?  I could go on and on.

I'd love to know the ratio of BDSM practicing people who have no issues - to BDSM practicing people who do what they do because they have a zillion issues. Let's face it:  Some indulge for good fun...while others indulge because they hate themselves or hate others.  It's absolutely fascinating.  I swear, I'd almost like to go back to school and get a masters in Psychology - just to study this!

I have a ton of stuff to say and highlights to mention...but my brain is fried and I sortof have to go mourn the end of this series.  I'll definitely blog more tomorrow.

I would, however, like to post two open letters:


I can't thank you enough for writing this wonderful series.  As a person who runs a certain vampire series website - I know your inspiration for the characters - and let's face it, EVERY AUTHOR has inspiration for his/her characters.  I am thrilled you took the time to dream up such a wonderful piece of literature that has touched the masses, no matter what drove you to do it.  And this series is about so much more than "Guy meets girl - Guy spanks girl - Guy marries girl".  I love to dissect people...and issues...and life in general - and boy these books certainly gave me a chance to do just that.  So thank you from the bottom of my heart.  What a fun ride it has been!


It scares me that you are in the medical field and use the term "Doctor" and don't realize that there are people in the world who use role play to enhance their sex lives.  If you've read the book(s?) yet, you should know by now that the character of Ana had the upper hand in the entire series and was happy in the bedroom (or the playroom, for that matter.)  You would also know that the books are about the EVOLUTION of a man who had a horrid young childhood.  He OVERCOMES his obstacles with the help of a woman who shows him unconditional love.  Period.  The fact that you have tried so hard (with your multiple television appearances; good PR much?) to turn it into something dirty or abusive makes me truly sad for anyone who listens to your advice about sex and loving relationships.

With ALL of that said...I am going to go start on a FREED playlist...and hit the hay.

Until tomorrow...


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the series! We were a bit wary of suggesting Fifty, but I'm so happy you embraced it.

    Fifty as a dad. Could you STAND how cute he was? How worried and over-protective he was? LOVED it. There is a part at the end when he says something like, "Let's have lots of babies." What a change. I love this series b/c it's such a dark to light story.

    How much did I LOVE the Christian POV at the end? Oh my. Being inside his head was incredible. What a generous treat from E.L.James to her fans.

    I completely agree with your Open Letters. 100%. "Good points, well made."

    Laura ;)

    1. The Christian POV at the end was one of my faves. After I read it, I went back to book 1 to read Ana's version of events. That's fun.

      It's a well written, exciting, different series for adults.

  2. Carol,
    What a WONDERFUL website you have! I loved your musings and the music and all of the blog posts. Like you, I just wish the books weren't over. I wish for more of the story line and the "play" line to continue - all of it! Loved the characters and the story... no wonder the books have become such a hit!

    Since you have the most resourceful website, maybe you can help me on where to go from here. I'd love to read more books like this... do they exsist? Also, I would love to learn more about this lifestyle - I find it so interesting! Where could i find more information?

    Thank you for your help and please keep posting! :)

    1. Check out maya banks.

  3. Just finished - wow what a fantastic trilogy! Carol, I was with you on all your observations; especially when you were starting to get fed up with Christian. And how it got good again within the next chapter or so. The last part with Christian's POV was really fun to read. I've read most of this in the original Master of the Universe format and honestly, I think it reads way better as Christian/Anastasia rather than Edward/Bella. Overall, the characters are pretty different and it's distracting using the Twilight cast. So glad E. L. James changed the names. :) I can't wait till she writes another book. Meanwhile, if you liked this, I think you'll love Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire; loved it and was thrilled to learn there will be a sequel.

  4. Glad I found this site. Totally agree with your vision of Christian Grey but he's a model, so can he act? I, llke you, am also an avid fan of a certain vampire saga and see where the inspiration came from. Having been on Ms James' face book page I am a little concerned on the actors being suggested for the role of Mr Grey in the movie.
    No-one seems to care that he should be tall, like 6'2" tall. The person being favoured by most to take on this role is 5" inches too short. Yes 5", that's alot in some situations ;) I am not hieghtest believe me, but Christian has to be tall to work for me. Your thought's please.

  5. I felt that the third book was rushed. The first 2 books spanned 3 months each, but the last seemed to be over a much longer period and skipped over entire chunks of time. Maybe the last book should have been split into two. I felt a little cheated.