Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fifty Questions

SPOILER ALERT:  Don't read unless you've read the whole damned series and are skulking around your house, finding meaning in nothing and wondering when they're going to come and take you away in the straight jacket. 

Oh the withdrawal is horrifying!  Why didn't anyone WARN me?!?  Even Diana Gabaldon's tremendous "Methadone List" can't help me now.  I am a mess.

So many questions...

WHAT does Mrs. Jones think of Christian's antics?  

WHO cleans the toys now? 

WHY is Mrs. Robinson/Mary Kay LeTourneau such a freak? 

WHEN is E.L. James going to write all of this from Christian's POV? 

HOW am I supposed to live without you....now that I've been loving you sooo longgg...

(Sorry; rarely do I spontaneously break into Michael Bolton; I'll try to avoid that in the future.)

Seriously people...I need a chat.  I need a HUGE, MFing FIFTY CHAT with LOTS of people discussing all of this stuff that is swirling around in my head.

Where does Christian order all this kinky fuckery shiz?  Online, right?  Does he have it sent to a different name?  Who unpacks the box?  The man can't even make himself a sandwich...am I supposed to believe he owns a box cutter and knows what to do with said box once he's finished with it?  Ohhhh right.  Mrs. Jones.  Well come on now...does she unwrap everything and rinse and dry it and place it in the drawers and hooks where it belongs...and then scurry off to fold Christian's Calvin Klein boxers??

For the love of god, people...I NEED ANSWERS!

Worse yet...I NEED MORE FIFTY!!!


  1. I FELT THE SAME WAY! MORE - I wanted MORE....I wanted to know more about what happened when EFFING Mrs. Robinson made a pass at him - all we got was she reached over and touched his arm - WTF??? There had to be more....I felt the whole kidnapping was rushed too - I thought it would play out longer, was over TOO QUICKLY! I guess I just didn't want it to end!! MORE!!!!!!!

    On another note, if you want to read more about the "lifestyle" - in my search for MORE I had to go see what people were recommending "after Fifty" - one was The Reluctant Dom by Tymber Dalton - I was like you and had SO many questions! What do they do when they go to work, are they in it 24/7 - do they only hang with those in the lifestyle????? Is it ever just "vanilla"?

    SET UP A Chat!!!

  2. Who else could possibly fit Michael Bolton in a FSOPurg post? LOL!! I'm peeing........

    I have those EXACT Fifty questions. How fantastic was it to be inside C's head at the hardware store? I had always wondered if he was stalking A or if he had indeed ended up there by coincidence. I loved "hearing" how anxious he was in the parking lot and then again when Paul came up to A in the store.

    A "Midnight Fifty" would be so awesome. CAN YOU IMAGINE?

    Laura ;)

  3. I get home on Saturday!! I'd love a chat then. Wait for me! I can't have another Fifty chat with my FIL sitting beside me! :)

    Oh, and Jaymie, I can't BELIEVE that I'm about to admit this (I'm going to be soooooo teased by my 50 friends) but I''ve read The Reluctant Dom. Lol! It was bad. I read it when I was in my after-50 funk. I could barely get through it.

  4. Ya know...honestly...I'd like something that's just like Fifty...but without the Dom stuff. NOT that is bothered me in Fifty (lordddddddd didn't it bother me in fifty) but I would be just as content with lots of vanilla between the typical boring, badly dressed, badly coiffed girl and her overbearing, overprotective, wealthy as hell, better-looking-than-Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley-put-together boyfriend!

  5. I feel like I've just finished a marathon 50 read! I'm done..I'm spent... Oh lord, my biggest thought through all of this was how in the world does Mrs. Jones clean the freaken toys and the playroom. Gah, I'd never be able to show my face for breakfast in the morning. Wonder if she and Taylor got to use the playroom?

    Must have a special chat for this one!

  6. I am dying for more from Christian's POV! There is no hope for you once you have finished the series but to reread it again...trust me I have tried to not do it, but have failed miserably!!! No one I know has read the book and I'm dying here with a need to chat with "like minded people" :)

  7. I am feeling just like you did. Even my daughter said, "Mom, you look so lost since you finished that book series." Boy was she correct. I am on my second reading right now because I can't stop thinking about them.

  8. So does anyone know when the next book will come out?? I CAN NOT wait!!

  9. I'm in agony, too -- just finished 50 shades this morning and really LOVED every second of it. I am thrilled to find your blog -- and I WANT MORE FIFTY:)

  10. I finished the series about a week and a half ago and i went on to read Maya Banks sweet series and got through one book and founded lacking, the sex scene were lack imagination and not as thrilling as fifty no build up. so if anyone has any idea into what to read next that leaves me wanting more my housework was suffering but my husband wasn't lol so please suggest so more titles thanks.... kw

  11. Book suggestions: Bared to You by Sylvia Day, Beautiful Disaster By Jamie McGuire, Gabariel's Inferno by Sylvain Reynard (sequel comes out Tues,May 22nd!), Thoughtless by S.C. Stehens, Knight by Kristen Ashley. There are more, but those are great reading after 50. :) Check reviews on Amazon.

  12. just finished bared to you great book thanks kw

  13. Ok.. so maybe this has been asked and answered a thousand times- I haven't looked..
    Was there ever an answer about his jeans in the playroom? Ana brings them up every time hes in there.. oohh faded jeans, button undone, bare feet.. yet there is never a reason as to why hes always in that "uniform" She makes it a big deal by bringing it up throughout the books.. and no explanation?

    Susan J