Monday, February 27, 2012

The Thing Called Love

SPOILER ALERT:  Don't read unless you've hit page 146 in Fifty Shades of Grey

I can't get this book out of my head.  I wasn't able to read all day yesterday and the thoughts came pouring in.

The last thing I read was Christian saying goodbye to Ana after he showed up in her bedroom, unannounced, and ravaged her.  (I loved "Is this NICE?!")  And in the middle of kissing her, he got obviously contemplative...and flipped on his "tender" switch...and said (yet again) "What are you doing to me?"

And it hit me like a ton of bricks:

He's struggling more than her!  As hard as it is for her to make the big decision...and stumble into this new, crazy adventure with's even harder for him because he's terrified of actually being in love.  And that's what's happening.  He loves her!  Why else would be come-a-runnin' when he thought she was saying "No"??

In FACT...girlfriend should just say "no"!  He's in way too deep now.  He can't be without her.  Hell - I'd rip up the contract in front of his face, tell him I'll look him in the eye any damned time I want and say "now give me another tour of that red know...for shits and giggles.  Well, maybe just giggles."   DOH!

Seriously though...this book really brings up a lot of feeling inside and makes you take a long, hard look at the dark thoughts that might be lurking inside your brain.  What you find acceptable...what society finds's like a big mash-up of right vs. wrong.  I keep thinking this would be a fantastic discussion book for a book club or library meet up.


Today, ladies and gentlemen, we'll be discussing S&M, falling in love and what people really do with those anal beads. ;)


  1. This is an Aha moment indeed: "He's struggling more than her!" Yep!

    Why am I the only one posting? *Looks around for my entourage*

    Carol, I say we all ditch MOP chat and do a little Fifty Shades chat tonight!

  2. One member of the entourage reporting for duty!

    He is terrified of falling in love. But why???? And yet he is falling hard for her - he can't help it. And Ana is considering things she never thought she would because she is so incredibly drawn to him as well. **sigh** I love these two!

  3. OMG I wish I could go back and be a Fifty virgin again...and I'm not even through book 3!!!!