Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

SPOILER ALERT:  I am starting chapter 21 in Fifty Shades of Grey. 

OMG where to start.  I can't even concentrate.  I feel like I just had mad, shiny silver ball sex with Christian and am too tired to think.  And don't get me started on my just-fucked hair.

(LOL H/JJ/C - I know you're all about the giggles right now.)

Dinner.  They went to DINNER at the Grey's.  And it was fan-effing-TASTIC.  I was a little nervous...until Alice Mia came barreling in and grabbed my Ana's hand.  Then it was a little easier to breathe.  Until Christian started getting all pissy with me Ana after Kate's comment about Jose.  What the hell?  On the one hand - I was mad.  And on the other, I wanted to jump up, climb over the table and hug Kate (after telling Emmett Eliot to get his hand out of her lap and finish his beef and parsnips.  Even better than the good stuff from Port Angeles!)  It was a rockin' thing to say.  I like keeping Christian on his damned toes.  Watch out, boyfriend...Ana could leave at any time.  The contract isn't signed.

So anywhoo...holy SHIT - the (pigtailed, European) maid!  What was up with her?!?  OMG I'm terrified she's one of the 15.  Clearly she wants to be.  But...I dunno.  Would he be so stupid as to take up with an employee of Esme Grace and Carlisle Carrick? (LOVE his name, btw.)  Or did he get her the job during or after they stopped their little get togethers in the Redroom?

See how my mind wanders?? I've invented an entire relationship. Meanwhile - maybe they've never even SEEN each other before.

And let me tell you what else is looming over my fuzzy head:  Mrs. Robinson.  Oh shit, am I terrified of THAT encounter.  And I know it's coming.  Maybe not now, in Book 1...but lordy be, I know it's-a-comin'.  And I feel the winds of change blowin' in my face and they're saying " for the hills" because Ana's poor little innocent head is going to 'splode into a zillion pieces.  She is going to be SO upset, she's going to need someone to rock her on their lap and say "You is is is important."  Mmmm hmmm.  That shit is going to blow the fuck up and I can't WAIT until it does.

For some reason, I like seeing Christian suffer.  Isn't that terrible?    Especially when she described him as a scared little 4 year old.  HOW can I want to see this poor, fucked up man suffer?  But I think it just means I want to see him be submissive once in a while.

UGH! This book is a fucking contradiction at every page turn!  It's DELECTABLE!

SHOUTY CAPS!!!!!!!!!


  1. OMG Carol!!! I'm DYING!!! I want to throw out all sorts of SHOUTY CAPS but it's too tedious on my phone!! The Help reference was too much! That was perfect.

    Yay! You're reading at high speed!!

  2. Forget the giggles - I'm actually snorting with laughter!!

    "Just-Fucked Hair" is one of my top favorite highlights from this book. :-D

  3. I can finally ask one of my burning "Fifty" Questions of the Day:

    Do you think that C would have invited A if Eliot didn't invite Kate?

    Laura ;)

  4. Oh my god I am an asshole of epic proportions. LAURA. I did not realize who you were, LAURA. SHOUTY CAPITALS. ROFLMAO

    And no - I don't think so at all. But I don't really care. He was right - if he didn't want her to go, he wouldn't have asked her to go. So it doesn't matter what made him do it, what mattered is that he did. (And don't forget how happy he was when she met his mom at his apartment.) I really think Ana pushed him a little too hard. If you stop to consider the strides this man made over the course of what - 3 weeks? OMG. She met his mom - whilst "hanging out" as his place. He met her family. He called her his girlfriend. He let the contract slide and was willing to blow it off. He slept with her in the bed; it became 2nd nature to him. He took her in Charlie Tango (or is that Tango Charlie?) He took her gliding. He took her to iHop. (That sounds silly but it's such a mundane thing a boyfriend would do; much harder than just having her show up in a fancy dress to a function as his "date". )

    Wow I should blog this. I'm rambling. LOL

  5. PS - "Laura" - great question. I need to discuss this stuff!!!

  6. Carol, I swear, this is one of the funniest blog entries of all - I laughed so hard while reading it! I love The Help references and of course the Twilight ones. But the one about the pig-tailed girl being "one of the 15" - God it sounds like a gang you hear about on the news (made me think of the Texas 7; they were caught in the town next to me *where my children go to school* - but I digress). Anyway - love reading this book and LOVE reading your blog(s).

    1. Thanks Julia. I just reread it (almost two months after you typed this - SORRY!) and I have to say, the Help reference made me pee my pantalones a little, too. LOL!!!!

  7. I'm about to this point in Book 1, and far behind everybody else here, but wanted to comment. I'm kind of confused because Christie told me I'd hate Christian, and I don't like him much, but I don't HATE him yet, so now I'm wondering if/when I will.

    Actually I hated Jose much more after his drunken mash on Ana at the bar that night. So maybe I'm more like Christian? Now that's messed up...

    1. OMG Clay! I so missed this when you were typing it! I think I was away and I missed a lot of comments. ALSO - I just now realized i don't have my email set up to automatically send me comments. DUH CAROL! And welllll...since I know how you feel about the rest of the series, I'll just drink a big, ol' cup-o-STFU! LOL