Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bring on the Crazy

OK so I'm ALL KINDS OF KEYED UP over this book.  The night before last, I told C, H and JJ (just in case they don't want to be known today <g>) that I had taken prescription cough meds and had a hard time staying awake to read.  Last night was no different.  Except it was.  Because - for some reason - last night, the meds only halfway did their job.  I'm laying in bed...emailing C/H/JJ with my left thumb from my sideways iPad...and all the sudden my limbs start to feel heavy.  And I put the iPad away...only to lay there, physically comatose and mentally WIRED and not able to sleep.  And I'm worrying "Oh no..what did that cough syrup DO to me?!"  I'm barely able to move but my mind is a moving blur complete with a crazy, psycho, Gilligan's Island-esque dream sequence.  It was a freak show of epic proportions.  I'm hearing Christian saying "is this NICE?!"...I'm seeing lots of colors swirling around...Ana is tied to her bed...and JJ's head (which I've never seen), swirling around in circles saying "narcotics...narcotics..."

Needless to say...AVOID the hydrocodone at all costs, y'all!  I don't CARE if they mix it with the 'Tussin!

OK so where am I?  Pretty much where my dream left off.  Girlfriend sent her snide-assed email to Christian, saying something like "did the was nice knowing you".  The minute her index finger hit "enter" I thought "ohhhhh nooooo...boyfriend is NOT going to like THAT one BIT mmmm hmmmm.  No. He. Is. Not."

So there she is...waiting for an answer...packing up her room...and all the sudden, there he is...Christian...IN her room.  Holy crap, that was one of THE yummiest things I have ever read in my enTIRE life.  Christian...just standing in the doorway, rolling his keys (to one of his fanTAStic cars) around in his fingers.

Now...without getting into the next couple hours ('cuz we all know exactly what went down and it was scrumpdillyicious)...I want to talk about what's going on in my brain right now.

WHAT a question.  Will she?  Or won't she?  Thank GOD she finally realized she should be neGOtiating with him about things.  Ain't no way - NO how - I'd be able to NOT look that gorgeous man in the eyes until I was told to do so.  Mmm mmm...ain't go' happen.  And don't touch him ever?  Again - :::buzzer sound:::  FORGET about it, Jack...I ain't doin' it.

So now I'm at this DELCIOUS stage where I have to wait and see.  And we have more domestic crap going on today than I know what to do with.  7 year old birthday party...entertain 9 year old during the aforementioned party...cub scout dinner from 4-6 and an Oscar party at my neighbors that starts at 5.  Clearly I'll be late.

BUT - I WILL read.  This will definitely be a day where I take the iPad in the car with me.  (Hub's driving; relax. LOL!)  Or will I?  I don't want to stumble upon anything really juicy with my kids in the car.  That would be kindof...gross.  And I'm headed into S&M maybe I'll read that shiz when I'm alone.  Mmm hmm.  Better leave that for a few hours.

Simply said: More to come.  Pun intended. Giggle.


  1. Oh Carol, I love that you're blogging about this. I also love that the things that bother you (and us) about the contract are the 'no touching' and 'no eye contact' parts, and not the other 10 pages of crazy!!! ITA though. I love how Ana negotiates and stands up to him.

  2. "JJ's head (which I've never seen), swirling around in circles saying "narcotics...narcotics..."" OMG, I am crying with laughter!

    Hildy's right, you're worried about the same things that we are. This is also why I love Ana - she reacts the same way that I would if I were in a similar situation (LORD, that I would ever be in a similar situation!!)

    I have similar "domestic crap" going on today as well. We're going to a 7 year-old birthday party, but in our case siblings get to come along as well. Would it be rude to sit on a bench in the mall reading my Kindle while the other parents stay at the Build-A-Bear party??

    And the Oscars are totally getting DVR'd tonight...I have to catch up with you gals!

    Btw, my 9 year old just walked by and asked why there are "giant black scribbles" on the screen. Oh dear....

  3. lol, Cari! It's so true about Ana. I kept thinking that she reminded me of myself and then I thought, "WHAT?!?! How can that even be? lol.

  4. My favorite internal monologue line from Ana: "What?!"